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The Boston Flywheel Corporation is happy to launch
Taking things to the next level at Mach speed

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Launching in Q4-2023. Get Notified!

The Model One
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Launching in Q4-2023. Get Notified!

Services provided by the Model One Flywheel Substation

The Model One Substation can act as an energy reserve. When there is a supply shortage, the flywheel can start discharging,  to make up the difference in supply and demand, and keep the grid working. The flywheel can provide up to 8MW for 1 hour to the grid. 

Power Backup

Voltage fluctuations happen constantly due to changing demand. The Model One is so large it can respond instantly to stabilize the voltage.

Voltage Fluctuation Control

Noise Reduction

Noise is caused by power fluctuating in the transmission lines. The Model One acts as a filter to stabilize the power supply and remove all the noise from the grid.

Power surplus and out-of-sync power sources are just a few things that are destabilizing. The Model One handles this very easily delivering a solid, steady, power output.


Harmonic Distortion

Non-Linear load on the grid causes harmonic distortion. This can cause major grid failure. The Flywheel compensates current harmonics of nonlinear loads to perform reactive power compensation and to balance the imbalance currents. This way the grid is in sync. 

The Model One Flywheel is designed to deliver instantaneous power to handle peak load demands. Dumping 100+ Megawatts onto the grid for several minutes is easily done.

Peak Load Balancing


The massive size of The Model One Flywheel has inertia written all over it. It likes to spin strong and steady and can easily be added anywhere along the grid for instant rotational inertia.

The power output from renewable sources like wind and solar is changing with wild fluctuations. Feeding this power, mechanically or electrically, AC or DC, into the Model One Flywheel Substation will clean it all up very easily and quickly resulting in a solid balanced output.

Renewables integration

The one-megawatt barrier is shattered with our monster 8-megawatt, Model One Flywheel Substation. The Model One Flywheel Substation design is a breakthrough in large rotating mass technology. At over 35 tons it’s the solution to so many problems facing the electrical grid like harmonic distortion, angular instability, security, and peak load demands.

It’s time to get serious and make some real progress with one of the World’s most important technological resources. The smart grid of the future starts now with the Model One Flywheel Substation.

Model One Flywheel Substation

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